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.tel Domain Registration

Register your Telephone .tel domain name with us today!

.tel Telephone
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Register your Telephone domain name with today and take advantage of savings for multi-year registrations. read about the pricing, registration requirements, and registration timeframe for .tel below.

Domain Registration Fees
1 Year 19.99 USD
2 Years 39.98 USD
3 Years 59.97 USD
4 Years 79.96 USD
5 Years 99.95 USD
6 Years 119.94 USD
7 Years 139.93 USD
8 Years 159.92 USD
9 Years 179.91 USD
10 Years 199.90 USD
Registration Requirements

DNS is permanently pointed to the .TEL registry so you can create your own unique .TEL hosting page. .

Not Allowed for 2 character and numeric only:
• all one-letter (from through to domains
• all two-character country code top level domains (ccTLDs, such as for example)
-Numeric-only domains
• all single-digit (from through to domains
• all combinations of digits and/or digit and hyphen strings that contain eight or more characters (for example, or

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